Republic of Turkey 

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Turkey or known as Turkish, it is among the larger countries in terms of territory and population. They have land areas that are greater than any European state. The capital of the Republic of Turkey is Ankara and the largest city and the most sightseeing city is Istanbul. Most people mistake Istanbul as their capital but actually not. Istanbul sits across both Europe and Asia, because of its unusual position, Istanbul boasts of an eccentric fusion of both continents. Hagia Sophia is one of the places that people outside of Turkey love to go to. Hagia Sophia was originally built as a Christian Church and changed to a mosque and then a museum. But now I turn to the mosque again but tourists can enter and explore. 

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Santa Claus was born in Patara, Turkey 

St Nicholas or we know as Santa Claus was born in Patara, Tukey around 300 AD. People believe he was a holy man because performed many miracles in his lifetime. Including he saved sailors from sinking ships. According to some stories there,  Nicholas, who is Santa Claus, was trapped in one of the old churches but he still survived. His mother at that time was crying and calling him. He was a miracle as a young man and people believe that he is not an ordinary man. 

 It also has one story that one of the wealthiest men fell into deficiency and he also took his daughter to marry someone.  He felt so desperate and he was also considering selling his daughter. But Nicholas wanted to help them so one night he entered their house secretly to spare the family’s honor. While the family was asleep he dropped into the open window a bag of gold. The eldest daughter was overjoyed because she found that gold which would save her from this desperate situation. 

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Turkey Exports Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts usually grow in the Mediterranean basin in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain. 75% of the world’s hazelnut exports and next largest producer is Italy. The hazelnut plantations are mainly located in the Black Sea region between Kocaeli and Trazbon. The hazelnut also has two regions, the old eastern part from Ordu to Artvin and a new hazelnut region in western which is between Samsun and Kocaeli. Nuts are commonly used in many Turkish desserts such as baklava, kunefe, turkish delights and more. Baklava is a layered pastry that has a sweet taste with some nuts on top of them. For people there they will use some sweet syrup at the top to be more sweet.  Baklava is the one from the Ottoman cuisine in part of sweet pastries that are really popular. What is Ottoman cuisine? Ottoman cuisine is the cuisine that was used in the Ottoman Empire and it continues in Turkey, Balkans, Middle East, Caucasus and Northern Africa. 

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30 Languages Spoken In Turkey

This is one of the most interesting facts about Turkey, they can speak many languages there. The official language in Turkey, of course, is Turkish. There are over 30 minority languages spoken across the country. It has various dialects of Caucasian and Kurdishs as well as Arabic, Greek and more. Since the 8th century, Turkey has employed a number and alphabets that are mainly the Gokturk, Uyghur, Arabic and Latin. When the establishment between 1923 and 1928, people began to focus on the alphabet problem in Turkiye. 

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a founder of the Republic, to use of western culture for the country to reach the level of contemporary civilization. He brought about the acceptance of Latin letters and modified them to reflect the sounds of the Turkish language to replace the Arabic alphabet. Four languages that are used most in Turkey are Turkish, Kurmanji, Arabic and Zazaki. People will not be familiar with Kurmanji and Zazaki. These four languages that most people in Turkey speak. 

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Black Sea Coastline Stretches For 1,175 km 

The 1,175 km coastline for the Black Sea is the same as the driving distance between London and Venice. If you go to the eastern side of the Black Sea, you can visit Trabzon. Trabzon is a romantic and medieval landmark that is a highlight for those of you that go to Turkey. Trabzon is famous for anchovies called hamsi, which are the main meal in many restaurants in the city. Trabzon, also located on the historical Silk Road, became a melting pot of religions, languages and more.

While on the western side of Black Sea you can find Sinop which is the most beautiful part of the Black coastline. The journey from Istanbul is 730 km. Sinop province is the happiest in the country. Someone in the Turkish Institute says that actually Sinop province is the one province that is poor compared with the other province that had the wealthiest land for them.  But why did Sinop come in top for happiness in the institute’s Life Satisfaction Survey? According to people around there, if you wanna have  a good and great life in the future, you must always be happy because that will show that you have a good life. They learn this from philosopher Diogenes, who has the nickname ‘the Cynic’  that means the word for ‘dog’. So the people there believe if you want to find happiness in your life, you must simplify a life and enjoy what you have. You must not care about what you don’t have in your life. Just live your life enjoyable and happily.