NFT is a digital commodity in the crypto ecosystem, in the form of images, videos, or other digital objects. To make a digital object an NFT, we have to do minting. What’s that? Minting is the process of converting a digital object into a crypto token. These crypto tokens will then be stored on the blockchain, which is a decentralized database. Once it becomes an NFT, it cannot be edited or modified. So, how do you know Upcoming NFT Mints? Let’s look at the following!

Is NFT in Turkey a New Thing?

Non-Fungible Toke or NFT is one of the investment assets that is included in the case of cryptocurrencies. The emergence of NFT has made the investment world even more crowded. As we know NFT itself is a digital asset that can be used as proof of ownership of goods that can be purchased with crypto currency. NFT became known in 2017 when the NFT game, Crypto Kitties, was launched. There, users can play games based on the Ethereum blockchain. They can adopt, raise and trade pet cats virtually. In general, NFT investment transactions often use ether or ETH which is a coin made by Ethereum. The presence of NFT has recently become rampant, especially in developed countries. One of them is Turkey! There are still many ordinary people who do not know this.

What Exactly is NFT Mints?

The term minting is derived from the process of creating physical money, also known as fiat money. Every time an NFT in interest changes hands or is sold on the secondary market, the NFT can earn a predetermined royalty. Minted NFT is a term used in the cryptocurrency community to describe the process of creating or printing NFTs. Crypto minting, like the printing process for creating crypto, refers to the process of changing digital art and adding NFT to the blockchain. Several platforms or minting locations have now opened in Turkey, so people are no longer perplexed.

How to Create and Sell NFT Assets?

After understanding briefly about NFT, the next question was how to trade NFT assets in Turkey. To trade NFT, you are required to have crypto assets according to the platform or market used.

Select and Create NFT Market

The first way you have to do is of course choose the most appropriate NFT market. There are many NFT marketplaces, some of which specialize in certain types of digital assets. One that offers the largest and most diverse NFT market today is Open Sea. If you have already determined the NFT market you will use, please link it with a supported cryptocurrency wallet. Please select the “Mint of NFT” option and upload your digital document. The process may be different for each market, but not too much of a difference. If you are interested in passively monetizing your work over time through royalties, you can set the amount of those royalties during the printing process.

Input NFT to be Sold

If you have printed the NFT as described in the previous method, you will be given the option to register the NFT for sale on the market. Additional information, if you can transfer and sell your NFT in other markets, there may be additional costs. All you have to do is click the “Sell” button and then follow the other instructions according to your respective market. You can provide detailed information about transactions such as prices, auction deadlines and cryptocurrencies that can be used to pay. Later, the market will also calculate gas fees, which are the fees for the Ethereum blockchain network to record transactions in this process. The market will also list handling fees. The fees vary depending on how busy the blockchain network is at the time.

Manage and Promote

When you have completed processing the registration information for the NFT to be sold, your digital assets will be available for purchase in the market. You also need sales promotions to potential customers through your website or through personal social media. You can make changes to the listing of information about NFT assets. However, of course, changing or deleting the listing may incur additional fees and gas fees that have been paid cannot be refunded.

What Exactly is OpenSea?

OpenSea is a marketplace or online marketplace that allows NFT trading. NFTs are unique pieces of digital code that can be associated with digital assets such as digital artwork. OpenSea was first founded in March 2020 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. They build a marketplace for creating and trading all kinds of NFTs, whether art, music or games known as blockchain. At that time, they only had 4,000 active users who made transactions of 1.1 million US dollars per month.

Every time the NFT is sold, OpenSea will provide a note that the owner has moved from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account at a predetermined price. Furthermore, OpenSea will also record if the first buyer’s account sells the NFT to the second buyer’s account and so on.

Meanwhile, Ethereum is the main cryptocurrency used for NFT buying and selling transactions on OpenSea. If you want to sell NFT on this platform, you must provide a minimum price of above US$ 2 or the equivalent of 0.0006 Etherium. But if you don’t have your own work, then you can also buy someone else’s NFT to resell.

To be able to register an account at OpenSea, you must have a crypto wallet or crypto wallet which will later be used to transfer balances so that later they can be exchanged for real money. OpenSea itself offers a large selection of crypto wallets that can be connected such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, SFP Wallet, Fortmatic, and many more.

In Addition

In life in Turkey, NFT is a new thing. But over time, the ease of minting is very easy. So, what are you waiting for? Start digging for information about NFT! Besides that The development of NFT itself is quite fast in the world. So, many marketplaces offer the cheapest NFT to the most expensive NFT. Instead of buying NFT, why don’t you try to make NFT yourself? Moreover, how to make free NFT is quite easy.